The OPTIM Project is an economic development project aimed at providing Moldovan women and men with enhanced economic opportunities and improved working conditions.

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Our mission

Our mission

OPTIM is a market systems development (MSD) project that aims to stimulate selected market systems in Moldova, in order to have an inclusive and innovative society that is forceful enough to create opportunities for development for Moldova.

Our achievements

Our achievements

Since 2019, over 2,600 people (almost 40% of whom are from excluded groups) have taken up economic opportunities enabled by project interventions. A more significant indicator of lasting change is the way that market actors behave – what OPTIM ultimately aims to achieve by following the Market Systems Development approach.  

Our goals

Our goals

OPTIM Project's goal is for women and men, including those from excluded groups, to benefit from better economic opportunities and improved working conditions. During Phase II of the implementation (2023-2026), OPTIM expects to reach 6,000 beneficiaries and CHF 12 million net additional income.


What we do

OPTIM aims to offer Moldovan women and men, including excluded groups, better economic opportunities, and improved working conditions. During the first four years of the project over 2,600 people (almost 40% of whom are from excluded groups) have taken up economic opportunities enabled by project interventions.

The sectors in which we operate


Information and communication technologies (ICT)

OPTIM's goal in the ICT sector is to address the lack of skilled workforce. Several success stories of the project’s first phase show encouraging results: since 2019, 4 training providers supported by the project (Iucosoft, DSpirit, WOX, and IT Step Academy, PowerIT) started providing IT trainings in Balti and Comrat. Project will focus on improving cooperations within actors in the ICT sector that lead to the development of high-value products and services by local IT companies. Moving forward and in response to market dynamics, OPTIM will strengthen the component of its work in digitalization

Information and communication technologies (ICT)


Agriculture (Agrifood)

Agrifood - the most significant sector in the Moldovan economy. It is the sector where the largest share of the population is employed but offers the lowest income across all sectors. In agriculture, OPTIM will seek to leverage the developing cooperation and association models to strengthen access to high-value markets for smallholder farmers or agricultural laborers, while also promoting stronger public-private dialogue spaces. It will strive to offer access to information, knowledge, finance, and digital literacy. Also, since 2019, OPTIM has been addressing the issue of fragmentation of the agricultural sector in Moldova with positive results. OPTIM has contributed to the adoption of efficient agricultural practices and new production technologies through the development of diverse services for small farmers all over the country, The introduction of innovative monitoring and field intervention solutions contributed to the decrease of farmers’ expenditures by 40% and increased their income. 

Agriculture (Agrifood)
Our partners

Our partners


Find out more about OPTIM Project's latest activities in the Agrifood and IT sectors in Moldova. 
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Switzerland reaffirms support for Moldova’s digitalization through OPTIM Project at Moldova Digital Summit 2024

11th June 2024
Switzerland actively supports the digitalization of Moldova through a holistic approach. This commitment was highlighted by Guido Beltrani, Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in the Republic of ...

BizRadar, the virtual business community application, will be improved with the support of Helvetas Moldova

23rd May 2024
22 May 2024 – Helvetas Moldova will support the development of BizRadar software through the OPTIM project. BizRadar is a virtual business community application, developed at the initiative of the ...

The app OMNIS, beneficiary of the OPTIM project, helps drivers pay the vignette and the toll in a simple and fast way

14th May 2024
Recently, OMNIS added two functionalities that allow users to pay these fees directly from the app or web version. The initiative responds to the needs of car owners, removing bureaucratic ...

Advanced technologies for antifrost protection of agriculture – Euroalun installs the first antifrost windmill in Moldova

8th May 2024
On April 25, Euroalun presented the first anti-frost wind machine in Moldova, installed in a cherry orchard in Drochia. Over 44 farmers nationwide have learned about new methods to protect and ...