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BR Media Group and the Alladin’s cave for Moldovan creators

Find out about the creative hub that shoots for the moon and lands among stars, while investing in local talents’ development

BR Media Group and the Alladin’s cave for Moldovan creators
4th January 2023

“There’s a career for anyone in the creative industries.“

A commonly encountered affirmation nowadays. And a fair one, as creative industries, thanks to the supporting digital environment are probably experiencing their golden years. Anyone with an Internet connection and basic skills can now become an actor, singer, screenwriter, director, or publisher of whatever desired content. The platforms are there, previous barriers to creating and publishing content are gone and the only remaining divide is between those that can monetize their shows and the ones that can not or do not care to. But the creation is blooming and mutating at rates at which one does not manage to consume it before it disappears.

Moldova is not an exception, with the cultural and creative sectors being among the fastest-growing ones — 11% yearly. Overall, audio-visual and digital creative services are dominating the creative market, followed by music, video games, digital media, design, and fashion. Digital content is in high demand, with an increasing number of suppliers (of all ages and geographies) being able to provide it.

However, while other economies have already spotted the immense financial potential of the creative market, in Moldova, this is still perceived as a form of entertainment or occupation that brings personal satisfaction but little money. Thus, the creative market is missing dedicated digital creative platforms and physical spaces for production for freelancers and multi-media enthusiasts to elevate their skills.

Furthermore, the limited domestic market in terms of demographic, distribution, consumption infrastructure, and purchasing power does not allow for the required testing space, as well as the absence of cross-sectional education in the university curriculum. Little attention and funds are invested in the development of entrepreneurial and financial management skills which are very much required to thrive in the extremely competitive creative business.

OPTIM sees creative industries as an intrinsic element of any viable national economic growth and acknowledges its potential to shift Moldova’s economy towards the knowledge economy, which is currently the most valuable one, which is especially important for countries that don’t rely on natural resources. The continuous development and nurturing of creative skillsets and individuals thus becomes critical in an era of digital and globalization era.

“One of the main elements to promote this kind of change is to support the development of human capital, which is huge and untapped in Moldova. Therefore, we have partnered with BR Media Group on the establishment of the Chisinau Academy of Media Arts, which aims to become a platform for digital creators' skills development and enhancement, benefit from a valuable network, and fully explore their commercial potential, in Moldova” — Artak Harutyunyan, OPTIM Team Leader.

BR Media Group is a local full-range media company and one of the leading actors in Moldova’s creative industries scene, founded in 2014 by Roman Burlaca, one of the youngest and most promising film directors in Moldova and Romania.

The hub comes as an integrated solution to support the creative area and was launched in partnership with Moldova-Film, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research of Moldova and was further upscaled by the Optim Project/Helvetas Moldova.

Chisinau Academy of Media Arts (CAMA)

With OPTIM support, the company has recently launched the Chisinau Academy of Media Arts, an entity that allows companies, start-ups, and freelancers from the creative industry to access training and mentoring, equipment, and modern technologies.

Students can create various digital content (vlogs, podcasts, documentaries) on subjects of their desire and receive feedback from specialists in the field.

“The academy was conceptualized based on the needs and realities of the local market and initially, aims to reduce the shortage of qualified staff in audio-visual key sectors. We plan to bring together the creators’ community and provide them with the opportunity to receive a high-quality education at home,” mentioned Roman Burlaca, Film Director, BR Medi,a and CAMA Founder.

In the initial phase, the Academy will focus on 3 major directions:

Film-making and Digital Content Industry — the film-making program will cover the whole audio-visual development process (commercials, music video clips, and short meter) beginning with script and concept development, art directing, and scenography, and ending with color grading and final video editing.

Art Direction and Strategy — The course will simulate the structure and work of a real creative agency and is focused on conceptual thinking and graphic skills. Theoretical lectures from top creative directors, designers, filmmakers, photographers, and artists will be provided.

Influencers and Digital Creators Hub — will be an inclusive platform for digital content creators. Leading industry professionals will provide practical mentorship support, assisting them to generate income through alternative employment opportunities such as digital/remote work.

The Academy expects at least 400 participants enrolled in all training programs, annually and about 30 digital content creators assisted in developing their business model, creating a visual identity, negotiating sponsorship and client contracts. At least 30 internships are planned to be offered to graduates of the Academy with potential employment opportunities.

In addition, preliminary agreements were established with the Academy of Music, Theater, and Fine Arts (AMTAP) to develop a complementary set of courses to their basic curricula focused on the connection between creative education, research, and monetization of services.

The company plans to continue playing an active role in Moldova’s cultural and creative life, extending its activities to the organization of cultural events, festivals, and conferences.