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Moldova’s digital ecosystem on one platform

Moldova Innovation Technology Park (MITP), Europe’s first e-Park, clusters 85% of the tech sector in Moldova. The industry demands better connections, more business opportunities, and clear communication. This is where Optim Project stepped in by introducing the most advanced digital platform to conduct business in the ICT sector.

Moldova’s digital ecosystem on one platform
16th January 2023

The ICT sector in Moldova and its development perspectives

The Moldovan IT industry brings more revenue annually than any other sector. In 2021, the ICT sector accounted for 7.6% of the national GDP. The positive evolution in the ICT sector is accompanied by the increase in the number of companies during the years 2015-2021 – from 1,700 to 2,800, ensuring the best level of salary in the economy.

This progress is largely due to the creation of the Moldova Innovation Technology Park. This one-of-a-kind virtual Park brings under one roof 85% of IT companies in Moldova. The membership offers several advantages, including a special fiscal and legal framework. In 2022, Moldova IT Park has reached a community of over 1200 resident companies, which generate 85% of the turnover and export of the entire Moldovan IT industry. 

Getting a closer look at the local IT sector

What could be missing from this idealistic tech world? Local small & medium IT companies have expressed struggles with registration, documentation, and visibility, both in promoting their own services as well as understanding who are other similar players in the local market. There is a clear lack of intent and possibility to partner with companies in the sector to either access a contract or innovate together.

“If the country is on the path to digitalize the economy as a whole, the IT sector associations and public institutions, like MITP should lead the way, by introducing the most advanced digital platform to conduct a business in the ICT sector.”, Artak Haruytunyan, Team Leader, Optim Project

Overcoming challenges for local IT companies 

“So how do we make it happen?” we asked ourselves. Approached by MITP, Optim offered support and guidance, and with joint effort, found the best specialists in consultancy. We also strived to assure they’re on the same page with MITP’s vision and values. We aimed to build collaboration between public and private actors, certain that this initiative will improve the policies and will enable the business environment in the ICT industry. Optim’s major contribution resided in coordinating the development of the platform and ensuring the quality of the digital solution. It took almost 5 months to create the platform, during which we introduced the beta version, refined it, and tested it to consider and address the smallest and finest details necessary for the proper functionality and usability. Through the platform, the interaction between the Park Administration and its residents is now completely digitized (companies’ personal profiles, adherence forms, and contract termination processes). 

Moldova IT Park’s platform was officially launched on the 18th of October 2022. This platform is more than just a website. It’s a united community of professionals and decision-makers, who cooperate to boost the interaction between IT Park and its members. The launching event proved that resident companies are favoring the digital platform, significantly simplifying the process for registration for new companies. So, if you become a resident of MITP, you can benefit from an impressive pallet of advantages, such as:

  • Digital financial reporting (using MGov digital services: MConnect, MSign, MPass)
  • Enjoy the most optimal level of taxation in Central and Eastern Europe – 7% from sales revenue
  • Follow the latest statistics on the e-Park and its residents
  • Check companies’ personal profiles (see how other companies in the sector are doing)
  • Discover updated job vacancies, news, and events (you can even post your own or browse through the available ones)
  • Become part of an IT Community and create peer connections 

Since launching, more than half of MITP’s residents have accessed the platform and updated their companies’ profiles. 20 more companies have registered on the platform and have already published related articles, events, and job offers. 

Optim’s goal with MITP resigns in offering access to markets to relevant actors and facilitating digital transformation – key factors for a positive change and more opportunities for men and women in Moldova.