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Strategies for the growth and digitalization of the nut industry in Moldova discussed at the Annual Nut Growers Forum

The development opportunities of the nut industry in Moldova were discussed at the Annual National Forum of Nut Growers. Organizers, together with OPTIM Project, supported by Switzerland and Helvetas, reiterated the importance of developing the nut sector as a primary objective for the coming years.

Strategies for the growth and digitalization of the nut industry in Moldova discussed at the Annual Nut Growers Forum
2nd January 2024

At the 9th edition of the Annual National Forum of Nuts Growers in the Republic of Moldova, organizers addressed topics such as improving the quality of nuts in Moldova, the development trends of this sector, as well as export opportunities and expansion on foreign markets. The Forum was the appropriate platform for connections between farmers and local producers, national and international experts, but also officials. 

This year the event was fully organized by the main professional organization of the nut tree branch Association of Nut Growers of Moldova, with the financial support of Switzerland and Helvetas, through the OPTIM Project.  More than 140 nut growers analyzed the achievements for 2023 and set targets for the future.

OLEG TÎRSÎNĂ, ANGM President: The 9th edition involves a new format of discussions for the nut industry. This time we come with some updated information about what is happening in the world, about the global conjuncture in which we find ourselves. Through this forum, we want to help manufacturers obtain useful information to grow their businesses, meet experienced people, and learn or share from their experiences. Here we also propose some resolutions for 2024, which we hope to achieve with the support of development partners."

Processors, experts and traders from the domestic and international nut sector were present at the Forum. Market trends, ways, and strategies to develop and digitize the sector were discussed.

Bojan Kolundzija, OPTIM Project Team Leader: We are happy to support the nut sector at this conference through OPTIM Project and Helvetas in Moldova, and we hope this is just the first of many joint efforts. The  nut sector is one of the sectors with the greatest potential in the Republic of Moldova, and we look forward to working with the association to take the entire sector to the next level and make nut products recognized in the markets to which they tend to export.”

The annual Forum was at its 9th edition and was organized with the support of Switzerland and the organization Helvetas, through the OPTIM project.