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Moldova’s digital ecosystem on one platform

16th January 2023

Moldova Innovation Technology Park (MITP), Europe’s first e-Park, clusters 85% of the tech sector in Moldova. The industry demands better connections, more business opportunities, and clear communication. This is where Optim Project stepped in by introducing the ...

Pay for your potatoes with a few clicks

4th January 2023

Welcome the QR payment system that allows paying with your mobile phone even at your neighborhood’s local market.

BR Media Group and the Alladin’s cave for Moldovan creators

4th January 2023

Find out about the creative hub that shoots for the moon and lands among stars, while investing in local talents’ development

“Digital literacy in agriculture” – the what, how and why for a better sustainable agri-chain

27th December 2022

Everyone who follows the changes in the world knows that farming is going digital. Euroalun, a local company that focuses on hazelnut growth, has developed a 5-day training course, called “Digital ...

All that Glitters it not Gold in Advocacy

27th December 2022

Experience has taught development experts that advocacy cannot succeed as a one-person show. Membership associations and networks are an engine to make advocacy work. ...

‘Together We’re Stronger’: The Role of Business Associations in the Time of COVID-19

27th December 2022

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are a test of the relevance of business associations – can associations support their members in such a difficult time? The crisis ...

Navigating Locally the Economic Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

26th December 2022

In Moldova, farmers and businesses are facing difficulties and increasing pressure due to the coronavirus pandemic. The most likely and indeed justified response in ...

Turning the Coronavirus Challenges into Opportunities

26th December 2022

While the coronavirus pandemic presents business risks in some areas, it also offers opportunities in others. One promising opportunity is the digital economy. With the ...

EUROALUN and the wonder lab that revolutionizes the regional seedling materials market

26th December 2022

Meet the Moldovan company, that partnered with local academia and incorporated European best practices to produce high-quality seedling material.